lundi 24 juillet 2017

Am I a butch?

Un petit post en anglais, parce qu'il faut bien que je m'entraîne si je veux une fois aller vivre dans un pays anglophone

I think I am, but I don’t identify as such. Society identifies me as a butch lesbian. But among my lesbian friends, some of them find it weird that I wear lace lingerie, or that I sometime put make up on (the whole nine yard: concealer fondation, lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, kôhl). I wear a floral perfume. I don’t dress in a suit. I don’t wear hats. I polish my nails (and not only with black nail polish). I don’t wear skirt or dress cause I feel uncomfortable in them. I’m not a “gentleman” (I don’t hold the door for my girlfriend). I don’t know anything about cars. I sometimes wear blouse. I have short hair since I’m 11 years old and I hate it when I’m being called “sir”. 
So what do all of the above makes me? For me, I’m just me, too bad that society wants me to fit in a category. I’m sometime butch, I’m sometimes femme, but above all, I’m good with myself. I love the woman I am.

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